Festival Hors les Vignes in Marseille

We had the honour to be part of  this year’s edition of the Hors les Vignes festival in Marseille. This remarkable event brings together wine, art and gastronomy in a very concrete way: the festival program is built by teams that, in each case, consist of a wine producer, an artist and a chef. They together prepare a 30 minutes’ performance that, as you might guess, includes wine and food tasting and visual arts or even music, as in our case.

The artists also had each their own exibition spaces. That inspired us to do something new; we presented four images and linked them with four different musical elements. Each music element was played from separate sound sources, and could be listened individually or together as the final form of the composition.

Our team, in addition to ourselves, included Guillaume Sourrieu, the chef of the Michelin-star restaurant l’Epuisette, and David Quillin from Cave de Tain winery.  The double bass player Emmanuel Soulignac was our artist guest for the 30 minute performance.

Hors les Vignes festival is organized by Vins Méditerranéens, a head organisation of IGP Méditerranée wines. Read more about them and IGP labelled wines on http://vinsmediterraneens.org/.

The Wine Composer at Hors les Vignes festival on the 14th April 2018, here you go:

Hors les Vignes show2.png

Hors les Vignes show3.png

Hors les Vignes show6

Hors les Vignes show5Tuomas-Matthieu-Emmanuel2

Poster Hors les Vignes






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