The first sounds of Cava

Our next tasting-concert will take place on March 19 in Helsinki at ViiniExpo 2016, one of the biggest professional wine events in Finland. I’m really excited about this opportunity, because I will be able to present the final version of the composition on Recaredo’s cavas; all the parts of the composition will be performed, and this time the piano will be joined by a string trio. If you’re curious to know how these cavas taste like, you shouldn’t hesitate to come since we’ll have a very nice tasting during the concert. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Meanwhile, I’d like to introduce you a little video clip from our very first concert in December. This one is about Recaredo Terrers 2008.

In the first snippet I’m describing the expressive aromas that come out a bit differently with each swirl. The little melody is my perception of the phrase of the bouquet. In the second snippet I introduce a melodic motive that goes through different tonalities – this is a very specific element that I find in both the aroma and the taste of this cava. This substance kind of transforms from one level to another.

In the last part, there’s some improvisation included, which is an important part of the composition; this cava is very lively and tends to be a bit different each time I taste it, saying “Catch me if you can”. I’m also trying to reflect my perception of something humble and simple outside, but rich and powerful inside.

Obviously, it’s difficult to explain everything in words, so I hope the music talks better than me.



Recaredo Terrers 2008

A Photo by Matthieu; a visual description of Terrers 2008





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